Bark Park is ONLY

Available for Consulting

& Limited In-Home Training

We do NOT have a facility at this time.


Puppy Tearing Up Toilet Paper Dog Locked in Crate

Where he can become bored, lonely and destructive...



Bring her over to


!!! For a day of fun, exercise & play with other dogs & a dog loving staff!

No More Coming Home to... An Overexcited, Frustrated Dog! Destroyed Furniture! or worse!!!

Bark Park

is the ONLY Truly Cage Free Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility
in the Spring Hill/Brooksville Area. It is a 2  1/2 acre indoor and outdoor playground.

Some of the things your dog can look forward to every day at

Bark Park

Spotted Dog Bullet with Other Dogs and Experienced Bark Rangers
Spotted Dog Bullet Both Indoor, Climate Controlled and Spacious Outdoor, Play Opportunities

Spotted Dog Bullet Full Agility Course (Coming Soon!) and Exercise Areas

Spotted Dog Bullet Doggie Games...fetch, frisbee, tug-o-war, agility/obedience maneuvers, find-it

Spotted Dog Bullet Quiet Restful Periods throughout the day...

Spotted Dog Bullet Qualified Professional Bark Rangers
Spotted Dog Bullet Plenty of Toys and Tons of Love
Save a life, gain a buddy -
Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue  Please Spay & Neuter Your Pets!
Bark Park Dog Daycare, Training and Rescue
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